Saturday, February 28

Boxy squares

This is the quilt top I made for my Grandson, Talon's high school graduation in May. His only request was outdoor theme. It doesn't show up too well, but the prints are all deer, ducks, trees, bear and the outside border is deer antlers on the black. It was a really fun, fast quilt to make. I cut way too many strips so I have enough to make another one. It's flannel so HRH may like one too. By the way, my hubby is holding it so it looks crooked. It is square though. We will get to go to the graduation in Montana  and also see my sister in law and her family as well. The great niece is the one with the redwork quilt in a prior post. I am also working on three doll quilts for the little girls when we visit. I don't send Christmas gifts to them but about midway in the year, I send or take a box with whatever I have decided through the year. I found three dolls at a garage sale that were like new, they are the porcelain ones with cloth bodies and that is why the doll quilts. I wish I had family closer. I need grand kid hugs more often than I get them.


Micki said...

It's a lovely quilt. I have always loved flannel, and really should make another one soon. It is always so comfy and comforting.

elsie123 said...

I like checking in on your blog, but have missed several days. Sorry to hear about your accident. My son sells Toyotas, and really likes them, if that helps any. I like your grandson's quilt, and I'm sure he'll love it...great choice. Take care of yourself.

KZK said...

That looks GREAT!


And they called it Puppy Love,