Sunday, October 24

A finish!

I love Fall and the colors and crisp days. I decided this year to finish a quilt from a block swap I did over 6 years ago. It was quick and although some of the blocks weren't perfect and a few of the points were cut off in seam allowances, I figured that the love that went into a friend's swap made up for it.
I have about 12 blocks left and am not sure what they will become yet. A table runner, a lap quilt, a twin sized quilt if I use sashings. Who knows? This past year I have really been trying to finish a few of those UFO's that have been languishing in pretty boxes. I get those photo type boxes, only larger, and put all of my UFO's in them and label them so I know what is inside. At least I know where they are and can pick one and work on it when I have time. It's made a difference in them getting lost and never finished or perhaps getting some Sew time after all.

Friday, October 15

Not too exciting

It's been pretty dull around here this last few weeks, but sometimes, dull is ok. I am enjoying the fall colors, (it's my favorite season) The days are in the high 60's, low 70's and the nights are cool.

I have been doing mundane things like grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry and working. While I was in Costco yesterday, I became really annoyed to people standing in the middle of the isles talking on cell phones, or walking, trying to push a basket, talk on a phone and choose an item. It didn't happen once, but many times. COME ON PEOPLE! I have answered the phone in the store too and from now on, I will wait if there are a lot of people around. People usually talk so loud, you'd think they were on a can and string and some of the conversations (most) I don't want to hear. Ok, I've had my rant.

I think the reason I'm a bit crabby is that I've started Weight Watchers and food is no longer used to soothe the moods! Do any of you find that you do that. I weighed in for my third time and have lost 4 lbs. I know it's not much, but I got 4 packages of margarine out and hefted them and it's significant. I think I've lost in my fingers and wrists and face though. I have the biggest (other parts) and I lose in my fingers. GEECH! I guess I will eventually lose in the important parts, but for now fingers will have to do. I work them to the bone, it might as well look like it.

Make it a great day.

Friday, October 1

I spy top finished

I finished the top of the I Spy quilt last night. It was hard to decide what to use because the quilt itself is so very busy. I decided to frame it with a 1/2 " border, then just use the same red as the star points. It was a real fun quilt to make. I had planned on going to Fabric Depot in Portland today because they are having a 35% off sale of quilting fabrics, but I went online instead and found a red children's print and ordered it. That freed up a day for me.
I have to work tomorrow as it's my Saturday to work. I don't know why I hate it so when I only have to work every other one, but I always dread it. I need an attitude change, I think.


And they called it Puppy Love,