Sunday, August 23

Peach jam recipe

Some of you wanted the recipe for the jam made with jello. This is a favorite with all my family and friends and so easy.
5 cups mashed peaches (peeled anyway you like, blanch or just peal)
1 cup crushed pineapple
8 maraschino cherries,chopped
5 cups sugar 
1 large package jello, any flavor you like. Our favorites are raspberry and orange

Combine the first 4 ingredients and bring to a boil, cook for 25 minutes. (use a heavy pan and stir often)
Take off heat and add jello, stir to combine.
Fill jars, wipe around the lid with clean wet cloth. Put lids and rings that have been sitting in hot water on jars and screw tight. Invert jars on towel and let stand for 5 minutes, then set upright. The jam will need to set up for 24 hours or more before it really sets up.
Makes 4 pints

Saturday, August 22

I've been trying to check some things off of my "quilting" to do list this month. I got an extra nudge from Kim at Kim's quilting adventure. One of the things I had to do was finish cleaning my closet and since there was a Quilter's garage sale last week in Battleground at Country Manor, I took advantage of it to sell a few things I needed/wanted to sell. I have more than enough featherweight sewing machines (I bid on them for someone else and ended up with them myself). Just the thing when HRH is so under employed after being laid off from his IT job. well, I sold my favorite white FW, Darn, and my serger that had been used all of 2-3 hours. I got it, then went back to work and couldn't take the lessons on how to use it, so there it sat. Now my piggy bank is a little bit fatter and some of those other things I didn't need, like some fabric, cutter quilts and antique tops that I didn't love have new homes. My closet looks a lot better too. I still have two featherweight's if anyone is interested, e-mail me.

Today, I made two batches of plum jam and bought another box of peaches to make some of the good peach jello jam. This is a very old recipe and everyone who tastes it wants the recipe. Let me know if anyone is interested and I will add it. Of course the peaches aren't ripe enough to make the jam yet so I checked out  Alexander McCalls latest book, Tea time for the Traditionally built. I love his books. So I just may find a comfy book and take a few.

Thursday, August 6

Shopping under the influence

Kim over at Kims big quilting adventure bought a new latex mattress and it pushed me over the edge! Yes, it's all her fault. I went out today and bought a new Carrington latex king sized set. I have been getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night because my back hurts so bad from my super duper, highly over advertised sleep number bed! We went last spring to a boutique hotel (a gift from sis in law) and slept in the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. I proceeded to tear the bedding off to see what kind of bed it was and it was a latex. Well, I used to have one way back when and remember that it was wonderful. (why did I have to have a bigger than queen bed?)
So I jumped off the bridge and in a week will have a new bed and since I am short (5'2") they ordered a lower box springs so I don't have to have a ladder to get in the thing. What a novel idea! I can't wait. And by the way, I went to a camera shop (a dying type business these days, and hard to find) and had them show me how to remove the dreaded date from my pictures. I also got the name of a place in Kansas who develops  Kodachrome film which nobody in the world except them will do.  I have 4 very old rolls of 8mm movie film I want to develop to see if it is anything of any worth. It has to be 25 years old. Probably a waste of money but what the heck. The man at the camera shop said they have enough developing fluid left for about another year then no more so this is my last hurrah! Piddly errand day for sure! Then I bought peaches for making jam this weekend. Now I'm too tired to even cook dinner! Soup from the home canned soup shelf tonight.

Tuesday, August 4

Date on Pics

I thought I had the date on of my camera figured out and erased, but low and behold, I'm a techno idiot and now all I have accomplished is to get the date to be 3 years old! Suggestions?? Anyone??

Man of the Corn Or Corny

Our corn is so high I can't believe it. (higher than an elephants eye),  I've never seen corn that high before. I asked HRH to stand by it so I could get a picture then noticed that he had his nerd socks and sandals on and I sure didn't want THAT in a picture so you can see how he remedied the problem and it wasn't by taking the socks off. I do refuse to take him out of the yard dressed like that, however!
Our garden is doing better than ever, I didn't get enough cucumbers or squash planted and we didn't do any root vegetables except three kinds of potatoes, red, yellow and russets because last year the bugs got all of them, or grubs or something. We will have a lot to share with neighbors which we like to do. Our tomatoes have given us three yummy slicers and are loaded with green ones. I tried a new fertilizer this year and swear by it already. I used it on the tomatoes last year and was pleasantly surprised. How is everyone's garden going out there in blog land? I know you southern gals have already been harvesting your bounty probably. 


And they called it Puppy Love,