Tuesday, August 4

Man of the Corn Or Corny

Our corn is so high I can't believe it. (higher than an elephants eye),  I've never seen corn that high before. I asked HRH to stand by it so I could get a picture then noticed that he had his nerd socks and sandals on and I sure didn't want THAT in a picture so you can see how he remedied the problem and it wasn't by taking the socks off. I do refuse to take him out of the yard dressed like that, however!
Our garden is doing better than ever, I didn't get enough cucumbers or squash planted and we didn't do any root vegetables except three kinds of potatoes, red, yellow and russets because last year the bugs got all of them, or grubs or something. We will have a lot to share with neighbors which we like to do. Our tomatoes have given us three yummy slicers and are loaded with green ones. I tried a new fertilizer this year and swear by it already. I used it on the tomatoes last year and was pleasantly surprised. How is everyone's garden going out there in blog land? I know you southern gals have already been harvesting your bounty probably. 

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