Sunday, December 13

Kitchen tree and Santas

I still have to find a little topper for this tree. It's only about 18" tall so the optimum word is LITTLE!

Thomas Kincaid musical tree

This little tree is so cute and plays music as well.

It's beginning to look like Christmas

My DH and I have been sick for nearly 2 weeks and Finally today, I felt like getting some Christmas decorations put up. We drove yesterday to a tree farm to get our tree and then came home and I cooked a big breakfast, eggs, bacon, little smokies, hashbrown potatoes, toast and juice. We ate and by that time, as it was our first time out of the house since we became sick, we were both pooped and sat on the couch and fell asleep. (What lightweights, huh?). We were too tired to even get the lights on the tree.

Today, feeling a bit better but still not able to go to church as I was afraid I was going to cough all through the service, I baked a batch of cinnamon rolls, put swiss steak in the crock pot and proceeded to decorate a bit.

Friday, December 4

I'm Back

I know it's been a long time, but life just jumped up and had me by the throat. I have been battling depression and I think I have a hold on it now. I didn't want to post when I was such a downer. Why depress everyone else.

I have been doing a little quilting, too much working as I have been covering vacations for everyone who will lose their vacation time if they don't take it before the end of the year. This means more weekends which I really don't care for, but hey, I'm glad to have a job, many don't.

I feel kind of like this picture of Heidi, Fat and lazy today. We are getting over (hopefully) the flu and I decided that since I have the day off, I am going to just do nothing or perhaps just read or something about as strenuous as reading! Christmas decorations aren't even out of the attic. I think next weekend will be the time!

I hope everyone out there in blogland is gearing up for the season, remembering what it is really about and enjoying family.


And they called it Puppy Love,