Sunday, March 4


I have finally got the computer to release my pictures. For the longest time, we couldn't get blogger and the new operating system to talk to each other. This table topper was made for Fall or Halloween to be exact, I started it before then, but as sometimes happens, I set it aside and just finished it. At least when Fall rolls around this time, it will be ready. The pattern was very hard to follow and was about like picking fly poop out of a bowl of pepper. Very tedious, for sure. I do like the end product, but I won't make another one.

Saturday, February 11

Among the living

Boy, have I been a bad blogger. We got a new operating system on our Mac and it wouldn't allow me to update my blog. I'm still not sure if I can post pics, but so far, my ipad is working.

To update, well not anything too exiting. I had foot surgery in the f all and let me tell you,crutches are just plain hard work. Nuff said. All is well now.

I had one or two quilt finishes, no pics yet. I am cutting another one as we speak, called Long Road Home. It has a bizillion pieces, but I am on the downhill stretch, then I get to start piecing.

The other day we bought a case of Meyer lemons from Churchill Orchards in Ojai,CA and had them shipped. I absolutely love Meter lemons and eat them like candy, skin and all. I thought I should bake a pie though and it was so yummy. The recipe came from Clabber Girl cornstarch, recipe site. Years ago I asked my husband's great aunt for her. Recipe and she said it was on the cornstarch box. Thanks to the interner, i now have it and it is a good one. As to a picture, no dice, the computer or my ipad won't let me add one. Anyone ouy there have hints?

I will keep at it and hope to get back onboard soon. Till then, good evening


And they called it Puppy Love,