Saturday, February 11

Among the living

Boy, have I been a bad blogger. We got a new operating system on our Mac and it wouldn't allow me to update my blog. I'm still not sure if I can post pics, but so far, my ipad is working.

To update, well not anything too exiting. I had foot surgery in the f all and let me tell you,crutches are just plain hard work. Nuff said. All is well now.

I had one or two quilt finishes, no pics yet. I am cutting another one as we speak, called Long Road Home. It has a bizillion pieces, but I am on the downhill stretch, then I get to start piecing.

The other day we bought a case of Meyer lemons from Churchill Orchards in Ojai,CA and had them shipped. I absolutely love Meter lemons and eat them like candy, skin and all. I thought I should bake a pie though and it was so yummy. The recipe came from Clabber Girl cornstarch, recipe site. Years ago I asked my husband's great aunt for her. Recipe and she said it was on the cornstarch box. Thanks to the interner, i now have it and it is a good one. As to a picture, no dice, the computer or my ipad won't let me add one. Anyone ouy there have hints?

I will keep at it and hope to get back onboard soon. Till then, good evening


And they called it Puppy Love,