Friday, December 4

I'm Back

I know it's been a long time, but life just jumped up and had me by the throat. I have been battling depression and I think I have a hold on it now. I didn't want to post when I was such a downer. Why depress everyone else.

I have been doing a little quilting, too much working as I have been covering vacations for everyone who will lose their vacation time if they don't take it before the end of the year. This means more weekends which I really don't care for, but hey, I'm glad to have a job, many don't.

I feel kind of like this picture of Heidi, Fat and lazy today. We are getting over (hopefully) the flu and I decided that since I have the day off, I am going to just do nothing or perhaps just read or something about as strenuous as reading! Christmas decorations aren't even out of the attic. I think next weekend will be the time!

I hope everyone out there in blogland is gearing up for the season, remembering what it is really about and enjoying family.

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