Sunday, October 18

The Witch is in

I saw this pattern on the back of the Keepsake Quilting catalog and just fell in love with it. I made it for my niece, who is well under 5 ft. and the little witch reminded me of her (no, she's not a witch, just short) besides, she loves Halloween. I got it all finished and a friend noticed that I had forgotten the T in Witch. I had to take the top section all off and do it over. Of course, I used fusible stuff for the letters, so couldn't get those off. I remembered having left over letters and just thought I had cut extra! NOT! Anyway, it's going in the mail tomorrow. I hope she loves it. Try to ignore the hands and all of the background stuff. I wanted to get this posted and don't have the time tonight to photoshop it. A photographer, I'm not!


maggi said...

Glad to see your photos are back, it would have been a shame to have missed this one - such fun.

Micki said...

This pattern is so cute!
I love it!


And they called it Puppy Love,