Saturday, October 3


Fall has arrived in Washington with a bang! It is downright cold in the mornings and evenings and MAY warm up during the day if it feels like it, and it's raining. Well, isn't that what we're all about here in the Northwest? I think so!

I have been in a funk and when I'm like that I have trouble posting. I had this bug where I lost my voice, and my voice is still croaky when I talk much. It's like a pubescent boy where it goes along fine, then a croak. I'm pretty fed up with it. And my other voice, the computer, is still not functioning well either. HRH added a bunch of "updates" to it a while back and now, I can't seem to add pictures to my blog without the dumb thing freezing up. He's done this with every computer we have ever had and I'm pretty upset about it. He only uses the computer very rarely, but he thinks we need all of these updates and they NEVER work right and foul up other things. For some reason, he doesn't learn! By the way, he's a computer programmer so he should know better but once he does "great things" with the thing, he loses interest and doesn't come back to fix things. I will take it in when I get time. AARRGG! So moral of the story, no pictures till it gets fixed.

Have you ever wondered why moods seem to hit us out of the blue? I do. I can go along just fine and one morning I wake up all depressed or out of sorts. One of life's mysteries, I guess.

I finished my batik quilt and it's back from the LA quilter. I still need to bind it. I will either donate that one or the Double Delight to the cystic fibrosis auction in the Spring. I was trying to get it ready for the Fall auction then they cancelled it, so I have time. Now I am trying to do a small applique baby quilt for  co-workers first grandchild who was born early and weighed only 1.6 pounds at birth. It has little chicks hatching out of eggs and is really sweet.

Well, off to work, this is my work weekend and #3 of a 6 day work week. I'm not used to this and am already pretty tired and it's only half over. I hope it's a slow weekend.
Take care, Carline

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