Tuesday, October 13

Still no pictures,

I'm still having problems posting pictures so my blog is pretty boring, but these days, I think I'm pretty boring as well. The voice thing is still giving me fits. I lost my voice completely in August, then I got it back, but when I talk more than 5 - 10 minutes, I start sounding like a teenage boy who's voice is changing. Well, I thought I had better go see what's going on and the Dr. says it may be reflux, so he gave me meds (I hate taking pills). If this doesn't remedy it after a month, I have to go get a tube poked down my throat to see what's going on. This doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, so I hope the meds help. I'm 2 weeks into it and so far, no dice. I still sound horrible. It's funny, but when my voice does this, people assume I'm contagious and start backing away. I have to stop and explain. With all the flu scares, I can't blame people one bit. That brings up a question....have you had your flu shot (s) yet? I work in health care (assisted living) so I get mine tomorrow. I have had them every year except last and have never had much of a reaction other than a sore arm and a slight yucky feeling for a day. I always have it in my right arm as I am right handed and a nurse once told me to have it in the arm you use the most as the more you move your arm, the less chance of soreness and by golly, it works!
I will post my latest projects when I get my ability to do pics back. Till then! Take care.


Dena said...

I'm sorry to hear your having issues with your vocal chords. Hopefully our physician's treatment plan with be effective and you won't have to go in for additional testing.

Micki said...

Sorry that things have not been going well for you! Hope all is better soon!
Get Well!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Get better! Sounds scary.

maggi said...

Sorry to hear that you are still not well. Hope things improve soon without the tube.


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