Thursday, July 30

Lazy Summer Days

What have I been up to? Really, nothing but reading good books. It has been record breaking hot here in the Northwest. Yesterday was 108 degrees. Unheard of around these parts where the natives, like me have webbed feet from the cool rain! We aren't prepared for this kind of heat for the most part and don't know how to function in it. Me? I just read. I found a couple of good Authors/books I'd like to share. Marie Bostwick wrote  A single thread and a thread of truth which I loved so I thought I would try another of hers, River's Edge. Great read and I highly recommend it. The other by one of my favorite authors, Debbie Macomber is the first in the Dakota series and it was also great. The third was a book by Beverly Lewis called the Shunning and I read it in one day!  When I was a little girl, I would read when things were troubling me, if I was sad or lonely as I was often, growing up with siblings who were out of the house when I came along. Mom said when my best friend and I would fight, we'd each take an end of the couch and a book and ignore each other. So reading has been my friend and confidant forever and I love when I can go back and immerse myself in good books. NOW, to find the second book in that Dakota series. I have the third, but have to keep looking for the second one! The library doesn't have it, Darn. 
Back to reality today, I have ripe plums and have to make jam so I have to get my head out of the books and get to work. Grab a good book and enjoy!

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Micki said...

I love to read too...I always have a book to read, and I sit in my favorite lounge chair, and just read to my heart's content. I am now reading a James Patterson book, and soon will start the Outlander series. Was the Shunning really good?


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