Sunday, July 19

The dining fairies aren't with me!

I have to be on somebody's list and I don't mean a Christmas list, either. A few weeks ago, I met some friends at Applebee's for dinner. I sent my "rare" steak back because it was so done, I almost couldn't get the fork in it. When it came back, same thing. The waiter had me cut it in front of him so he could make sure it was good and rare. He even laughed. Everyone else in my party was almost finished eating at this point so I just declined further fixes and asked for a doggy bag to take it home to Maggie. (I hate over done meat)! To make matters worse, the waitress who cleared the table, dropped the entire tray on my lap. Someone had something with red sauce of some kind and it spilled all down the front of me and onto my slacks. (new slacks at that).   To make it right, they gave me two $10.00 gift certificates. (which by the way, didn't even pay for the pants which it turns out were ruined by that awful red stuff).

Fast forward a few weeks, a quilting buddy wanted to meet for lunch and I have these gift certificates so I said let's go to a different Applebee's just to improve my luck from last time.
I ordered a salad, enough for the steak thing! I had eaten about 1/4 of the salad when I bit down on something real hard and broke my tooth. I took the offending "hard thing" out of my mouth and it was a piece of fiesta ware type pottery. Applebee's uses these kinds of plates, the piece in my mouth was red, my plate was purple.  We called management and she was just appalled. She said they had broken a dish in the kitchen and thought they had got it all cleaned up. NOT! Well, I filled out an incident report, didn't make a big deal of it and left. Two days later, the insurance company called and told me to go ahead and go to the dentist, pay for the appointment and THEN, after they see the bill and determine IF it is a valid claim, they will issue a check to me. Such a deal, huh? Not to mention the time to take off work to go to the dentist. I think I am living under a dark cloud  as far as meals out go. SO, next week, to the dentist (I just had my check and clean two days before this fiasco)!  
I should just stay home and quilt, don't you think!


Judy said...

Oh Carline, that stinks! I think you should stay away from Applebee's. Sorry you are having such cruddy luck.

Micki said...

I am so surprised as one of my favorite restaurants in the States was Applebees. I haven't been there for over 13 years, but they really must have gone under. Sorry about all of the trouble you had!

sewkalico said...

Outrageous! I think $10.00 for the trousers is ridiculous to start and then the tooth thing is just crazy. I certainly would NEVER eat there again!


And they called it Puppy Love,