Saturday, August 22

I've been trying to check some things off of my "quilting" to do list this month. I got an extra nudge from Kim at Kim's quilting adventure. One of the things I had to do was finish cleaning my closet and since there was a Quilter's garage sale last week in Battleground at Country Manor, I took advantage of it to sell a few things I needed/wanted to sell. I have more than enough featherweight sewing machines (I bid on them for someone else and ended up with them myself). Just the thing when HRH is so under employed after being laid off from his IT job. well, I sold my favorite white FW, Darn, and my serger that had been used all of 2-3 hours. I got it, then went back to work and couldn't take the lessons on how to use it, so there it sat. Now my piggy bank is a little bit fatter and some of those other things I didn't need, like some fabric, cutter quilts and antique tops that I didn't love have new homes. My closet looks a lot better too. I still have two featherweight's if anyone is interested, e-mail me.

Today, I made two batches of plum jam and bought another box of peaches to make some of the good peach jello jam. This is a very old recipe and everyone who tastes it wants the recipe. Let me know if anyone is interested and I will add it. Of course the peaches aren't ripe enough to make the jam yet so I checked out  Alexander McCalls latest book, Tea time for the Traditionally built. I love his books. So I just may find a comfy book and take a few.


Dena said...

Congratulations on the progress on your 'To Do List' this weekend. Doesn't it feel good when you can see some progress? I'd love to have some of your jam recipes. I've never heard of using jello in jam, but it's worth a try.

Judy said...

I am so mad at myself for forgetting about that sale! Congrats on clearing things out and for the sale of the FW and serger. Where did you get peaches? I have a serious home canned peach craving. That's a nice picture of Sonya!!!


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