Monday, February 23

Obviously, no Pictures of this one!

I recently visited with a friend who told me that she was having problems with her young son and his "aim" if you know what I mean. Well, this brought to mind a story my aunt told me many years ago, see, she was a first grade teacher and had a little freckled, red headed boy as the story goes, the little boy was making real messes in the bathroom and it was assumed that he was trying to see just how far up the wall he could hit, or whatever boys do in the bathroom to make such messes, the janitor spoke to him with no appreciable results as did the male principal. They then suggested that the teacher, my aunt, have a go at it and see if she could stop him from his new "hobby". She took the bull by the horns and after sternly addressing the boy, she looked at him and his lip was quivering and he said Mrs. Robinson, have you ever tried to aim one of those things (thangs) (insert Texas accent here). Well, she said, you've got me there and let him go. I guess he wasn't trying for the bathroom olympics afterall. Don't ask me why I think of these things. Sometimes I think my mind malfunctions rather than functions but I thought I'd give you a smile for the day. !

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Micki said...

That was funny! Thanks for the smile!


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