Sunday, February 22

Happy Sunday

One of the facilities I work in (I work in 4) is upscale independent living and they have the best events of any I've been to. Well, last Wednesday we had a luncheon and the theme was the Ladies of the Whitehouse or First Ladies luncheon, I can't remember but  all the recipes were from different first ladies and were excellent. Our chef used to be the chef on a cruse ship and she's GOOD! We served a dessert that was orange cake with raisins and creme cheese/orange frosting. It was to die for. Well, we couldn't have people go home empty handed so we sent them home with a little bundt cake of the same recipe and the presentation was so cute. It was on a gold plate (actually a coaster) with a doily and then put in a cellophane bag and tied with a pretty plaid ribbon and to go with it a tea bag was tied to the ribbon. Isn't this cute. I think this idea would be so clever to take to a sick friend or just to cheer someone up, don't you?

As to the accident.... I didn't sleep much last night because I feel like the heavy weight champion boxer beat me up. If I lay on one side, my hip hurt, if I lay on the other my neck hurt, I  tossed and turned all night and can't sit for more than a few minutes so wasn't able to go to church and sit on the pews for over an hour.  HRH went though and it doesn't hurt if I stand or sit in a recliner, so I will fold some fabric and get this mess FINISHED! I have been folding all week and only have one neat shelf to show for it. Mind you, it's a walk in closet so I've got a way to go. Have a great day!

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