Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, as I'm folding red fabric today, still on my neatness quest and this is probably as close to celebrating Valentine's day as I will get so I got my mind all wrapped around Valentine's days of the past, you know, when we were in grade school and decorated boxes to  put on our desk and made sure nobody was left out when we addressed and passed around the cards. I had a boyfriend then named Leonard and he asked me to go to the movies with him on Valentine's day Saturday. My first date of sorts. I will never forget his mom driving, and him coming to the front door. My sisters, who were in high school, my parents all sitting around making fun of the day and teasing me. Anyway, he showed up at the door and had his hair so slicked down with something good smelling and oily. I do remember a cowlick that was no longer visible, so it must have worked. My sisters were laughing and then I noticed that the stuff was running down  his forehead an sides of his face. I have never forgotten that and it's been a hundred years ago. He opened the car door for me and we sat in the back seat as his mom chauffeured us to the movie, she then went in and sat at the back while we sat up front. I think I remember him trying to put his arm around me, but I will never forget that stuff running down his face. It has all been downhill from there. THAT was one romantic Valentine's day!

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Micki said...

Thanks for sharing all of your memories of Valentine's Day. It is lovely that you have so many good memories of this holiday.


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