Saturday, February 21

What a week!

I'm sorry my posts have dropped off so drastically. This has been a week to remember, or rather one I'd rather forget. I had calls from two dear friends, one lost her mother who I was very fond of and the other a friend of HRH, woke up to find his wife had passed away in the night. She was in her 50's and had undergone gastric bypass about two years prior and was having one problem after another as a result, she had been back in the hospital on average once a month, so this death was determined to be a result. I have heard from the nurses I work with that the mortality rate from that surgery is very high. I feel so bad for these people as I know how it feels to lose someone you love so suddenly.
Then, as if this wasn't enough bad news, I was driving to work yesterday and got broadsided by a big 4X4 pickup, it hit on the passenger side, which was fortunate for me, but hit so hard that it knocked my shoes (yes, shoes) off and glasses and boy am I bruised from the seat belt. I am so glad I always wear it though. I woke this morning and I hurt everywhere more than anywhere else. What really woke me up was the bottoms of my feet hurting, strange, I've never had that one before. The sad part is that they will probably total my 1998 Lexus and with HRH being out of work most of the year, we really can't afford another car. My Lexie was all paid for and didn't have a trouble in the world, she ran like a top and as long as I have had it, I had Zero problems. We aren't sure what we are going to do, right now, I'm driving a horrible little rental that I really can't see out of adequately. Oh Well, I have much to be thankful for, I didn't get hurt too badly and life goes on in our house while for many it doesn't. 
I'll try to be a better blogger, maybe that brings me good carma.


sewkalico said...

Oh no! What a terible thing. Thank goodness you are ok. Hopefully, you will heal soon!

Micki said...

So sorry that you have gone through such a difficult week, but thank God, that you were not badly hurt in the accident. I hope that this next week brings you happiness.


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