Sunday, February 8

Merry Christmas in February

Are we a mixed up family or what! Don't answer that! During December, we had snow so deep that we couldn't get around. Remember, we are in Vancouver, Washington where we must own one snowplow and it only gets used every 5 years so none of the roads were passable. My son lives 45 miles South of here and lives in the country, again, no plows and to top it off, he had a couple of trees come down on his house so had to work on Christmas (the real Christmas) day to cut the tree up and keep it from doing more damage. so, long story, short... we had our Christmas celebration yesterday. We had a nice day, little one here wasn't feeling too well, he had been in the hospital two nights before with an asthma attack and the meds were making him pretty  sleepy. He looks like he's been into the grog, but really, we only drank milk and water. I sure was tired last night from all the cooking but I love to do that. I also baked 5 dozen Snickerdoodle cookies to send home with my son for his birthday.

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Micki said...

It is lovely to have celebrated Christmas in February with your family. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the lovely event .



And they called it Puppy Love,