Thursday, February 5

refolding stash

A few weeks ago, someone posted a video (sorry I didn't save the link) of a nifty way to fold your stash so everything is the same width and stores neatly. Well, today I was in  the mood to tackle it so I started. I worked for 5 hours and didn't even make a dent in things. This is going to take a while, I can tell. While I was at it, I cut the small pieces into 3.5" bricks, 2.5" strips and squares and 2" strips and squares. Of course I had a pile of crumbs as well. Last few times I had a batch of them, I sent them out to people on quiltville chat who requested them, but the last box was over $8.00 and I can't afford that so I may just dump them, not sure yet. I'm sure as soon as they get tossed, I will find something I want to use them in. Anyway, a productive day. I will post pics when I finish.  Hey, I even found a UFO I didn't remember having. I wonder what else I'll find in that closet.


Anonymous said...

ARGGGH! I THOUGHT that I was happy with my stash folding, but after finding the video that you mentioned, I am now thinking about starting over again. Oh well, I will just add it to the "To Do Someday" list!!!

Frances (a former lurker)

Christina said...

You would have so much fun folding mine....Want to come up? I hate sorting it and mine looks sad so I really need the help. Actually, it would be fun to trade what we don't want anymore. Hummm

Micki said...

I really need to follow this, but I don't think that I have the time to do all of it. What a great idea though!


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