Wednesday, February 25

Car Shopping

Well, my car was totaled and believe me you don't win anything dealing with insurance companies. I have been treated so badly by them and I have been telling everyone to switch over to Hartford as they have such good rates. NOT! I am debating on a Toyota Camry Hybrid and am just about sold. I haven't driven it yet as I'm still not wanting to get behind a wheel if I don't have to and it has been raining cats and dogs here for the past few days. SO.. do any of you have any experience with this car??? Consumer reports list is well so we'll see. I sure do not like car shopping, especially since the insurance company gives me 3 days to settle, big of them, isn't it.
Tomorrow, I am calling the insurance commissioner and talking things over, it may help, it may not. I won't bore you with the whole story, it's not pretty.

On a quilty note, I'm still folding and cutting scraps and almost have enough scraps for the Blue Ridge Beauty of Bonnie's, I think there are over 2200 pieces without counting borders and that's just the blue. I love it though and it hurts to sit or lay down so I stand at the counter and cut! Have a great Thursday, I have the day off.

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Micki said...

You have not been having a great week...I am sorry! Well, maybe this weekend, you can just relax and put all of this behind you.


And they called it Puppy Love,