Wednesday, December 10

This and that

Well, the next 4 days are work days so not much sewing will be going on around here. I am finishing off some Christmas gifts but can't show them yet as the recipients may be reading this blog.

Work at this new job is harder than I thought in that my energy level isn't used to it yet. I need to toughen up and get used to doing something 8 hours at a time with no breaks to bake, sew, go for walks with Maggie, read or take a little nap. I have been off work too long, I guess I am spoiled. I didn't plan on "coming out of retirement."

We are facing a real cold snap this coming weekend with projected snow a couple of days (for this part of the country, this is a big deal) Our homes aren't ready for cold weather so I called my single female friends and reminded them about things like winterizing the sprinkler systems and covering faucets, etc. I know this from years of living on my own. Now, I just have to remind HRH and he is so good about it. In the Portland/Vancouver area where I live, the world shuts down when we get a couple inches of snow or worse yet, ice. My brother-in-law who lives in Northern Canada just laughs at us here. Schools close down for "snow days, people stay home from work, the streets are empty of cars. Maybe I won't have to work Saturday after all.

Have a great day and I hope you get time to do what pleases you. What the heck, do it twice.

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