Wednesday, December 17

Maggie's first day alone

Well, today was the first day I had to work and HRH did too, so Maggie was in charge at home. We didn't even have time to take her for a walk so both of us were worried about her all day. I was afraid of coming home to a mess although she is so good and hasn't had an accident except when she was a wee pup and they were very few. Then I thought about doddling a bit and letting HRH get home first so he could clean it up...but I didn't and then envisioned how a dog would look trying to stand with her legs crossed. Anyway, we were pleasantly surprised. She ran straight for the door after greeting us with a "baby" (her stuffed toys). What a trooper, 9 hours alone and no accidents. She got an extra cookie for that one. I swear, I should have had dogs all along and not kids, No, just kidding. Maggie is such a love though. My Puppy Love. I tell her that all the time, ya think she understands. The other dog owners at the park always marvel at how well she minds and one lady said "It's because you two love her so much and show her", "you never use one of those shock collars on her or yell at her". So nice to have our parenting skills admired. Never happened with the 2 legged ones.
We are putting in a dog door for her as soon as the weather gets warm enough to have a big hole in the wall for an extended period of time.
After re-reading this, I thought...maybe we should have gotten those shock dog collars for the kids! The sweetness didn't work with them at least when they turned 14 or so. They were always sweet when they were little, and usually well behaved too.

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Amy said...

I hear what you say about shock collars for kids, I used to tell them I was going to get them each one for when I want them at Wal-Mart and such,, instead of 4 cell phones. Animals do understand.Have a great HOLIDAY


And they called it Puppy Love,