Thursday, December 18

Holiday Traditions

I am speaking in church on Sunday and started thinking of the true meaning of Christmas and how far we have gotten away from it over the years (society, not just me). Our past few Christmases we have spent by ourselves since our kids don't live close. The years before we indulged overly spoiled grandchildren who could care less about who gave the gift or even the thought that went into it. One year I spent about 6 months making a porcelain doll for our granddaughter, I made all the clothes as well and had a lovely quilt to go with her. Our GD pulled her out of the package by the arm (she was 7 years old, not 3 or 4) and tossed it aside and ripped into the next package. My heart sank and DH was so mad he wanted to take the doll back home with us, having watched me make it and the excitement I expressed as each step was finished. Then and there, I decided to make less of gifts and more of the meaning of Christmas. Christ is the meaning and he was our Gift from our Father in Heaven, our gift to him is our love to fellow man and obedience to the principals he taught.
A tradition I had as a child was Christmas Eve Candle light service at church, where there was no sermon, just singing carols and then during the last song which was always Silent Night, we lighted individual candles and the overhead lights were turned out. It was magical. I still miss that tradition as the church I belong to now doesn't do that.
What are your traditions?
I am still interested in traditions and how they came about in your families and what they mean to you. I am also asking co-workers for theirs and will post them later. The whole subject of traditions is interesting...more later, after I get feedback.


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Carline,
Thank you for coming by and getting your name in for the magazines giveaway. Looks like you could use some reading bundled up in the house. Maggie is so cute and you do a beautiful job on your quilts. Can't wait to start quilting again after Christmas.
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas,

limpingalong said...

Our church still has that custom. I love it!

When do you open your gifts? We always opened our on Christmas Eve, as a child, but I know some people open theirs on Christmas morning.

Now that our children are gone and our Christmas Eves are smaller, we open one gift after our church service and dinner and then on Christmas morning we light the fireplace, put on some music, have hot tea or chocolate, and open our gifts together. It is a special time for us.

I do understand about the homemade gift. I, too, have been disappointed at the reception a gift received. I know many others have, too. I guess we have to change our expectations. Perhaps the gift should have been given to a child at a time when you could share it with her alone.

We just need to reinvent the holiday. There was a time when people got ONE gift (if they were lucky) and then maybe an orange, a quarter, or some really small thing in their stocking. Now we think kids have to have several gifts, major money type things. That isn't the "reason" for the season at all!


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