Monday, December 15

Goin' Green

Now some of you may remember in the dark ages when we all decided to GO GREEN, I can't remember what we called it then. Remember when we were advised to only flush, well, you know, when there was something to really flush. The new ALMOST FLUSH toilets came out about then too, 1.6 gallons of water (the first time, you always have to flush twice now). I did my part and sorted glass by color, recycled paper at work, you know the drill. Well then all of our appliances started being what we may as well call disposable. They didn't last till you got the warrantee registration card sent in, Really! Which leads to this. I bought a paper shredder when we moved into town and couldn't burn out papers outdoors in a "burn barrel" any longer, so in order to avoid identity theft (who would want my identity anyway?) I would shred all of my papers, this lasted 1 month until the shredder died. We then put a paper sack beside the desk, when it is full of "papers" HRH takes it to his shop and builds a fire in the little pot bellied stove. But wait, we have the newest shredder now... Called Heidi, shreds a lot. This cat wont leave the papers alone, she chews them, bites them, fights with them, We have our own GREEN SHREDDER and it only costs pennies a day for cat treats and she even hunts mice (fast food) so we have an environmentally sound shredder/critter eliminator. Who knew we were so out to save the earth, one cat at a time. Bless her heart, maybe tomorrow she will get two treats and a bowl of milk too.


maggi said...

A truly environmentally friendly cat - well done Heidi. If she does eventually get bored try a hand shredder - slower but they don't break down

Christina said...

I thought it was great that my dog loved to shred paper, but who ever thought a cat would! This is great.

Kristie said...

What is it with cats and paper? My cat, Donkey does the samething! Throw him a bag and he will play for hours!

Karen said...

I love your new paper shredder! :)


And they called it Puppy Love,