Monday, December 8

Flannel Log Cabin

I made this quilt bed sized, but we usually use it on the couch on cold winter evenings or when the King of the House (HRH) snores so loud, I can't sleep and I have to resort to the living room to get a few winks. I wanted to make the back one big block and couldn't really figure out the dimensions so HRH did it for me. Do any of you have your hubbys do the geometry part of quilt making? (I had my boyfriend in HS do all my homework in that subject so I really didn't learn much in that subject). Mine also finds errors when I am laying my quilts out. Rather, I should say, he finds them most often after they are quilted and bound. There are always errors, it seems, and no, they weren't meant as "Humility Blocks" I have enough mistakes without planning any.
I need to start another flannel quilt soon for my grandson's graduation. He lives in Montana and plans on going to college there so he will need a warm quilt. I can't seem to settle on a pattern though. He loves to hunt so I have purchased all hunting /outdoor flannels for it. I usually let fabric marinade in the closet for a while, until it tells me what to do with it.


Amy said...

I think it is a nice looking quilt. I know what you mena about hubby finding sme mistakes,, and yes it is normally whn almost done.depending on how bad,or who for, or what it is depends on if I rip it... thanks for sharing,

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Log Cabin is one of my very favourites...I want to make one for my Son one day...


And they called it Puppy Love,