Friday, December 5

Tacky scenes/ You might be a Redneck if???

I get so tired of tacky people everywhere being so loud and obnoxious, don't you? I was at the store the other day and a lady was standing in the isle, on the phone, obviously talking to a bill collector. She was almost yelling! "I can't pay just a little bit, because my husband spent his whole check on his truck" She continued to argue with the person on the other end. "no< I can't put it on my credit card because I am at my limit." Yada, Yada, Yada. Boy, don't people value privacy anymore. I didn't need to hear all of that. Everyone in the store could hear her and was looking. The other thing I hate is people yelling at their kids in stores. It doesn't make the kids look bad, just the parents. Many of them use language I would expect on a marine training ground. Boy, class just goes out the window, doesn't it.
Just one more reason to stay home and quilt, I guess.

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