Saturday, December 13

Are you ready for Christmas?

It seems that every year, I say that I will get organized for the next year and then I do it all over again... being behind that is. Well a few weeks ago I asked the king of the house HRH to make a list of people he would like to give a small baked or handmade gift to because he usually waits until the last minute and asks " did WE fix anything for " the Smith'"? I know when he says WE that he means me, I say, Well, this part of WE didn't how about your part. BLANK STARE. So I thought I would get a head start on it by asking for the list. Guess what, it is 10 days till Christmas and no list yet. AAARRRGG! He is being silent on the decorating front too as everything is in the attic and I can't get it down. We don't have any decorations except the silver vase of Holly. You can't kill them so now what. I'm sure if I buried him in the yard somewhere that someone would notice, although with the mole hills taking over our new lawn, hummm, I'll have to rethink that one.

I hope to get gifts wrapped tomorrow so I can send the out of town things on Monday and Cards, I have signed and addressed 350 cards at work and haven't even thought about ours. Maybe I can just start on next years projects and call it good.

I hope you all are doing better than I am!!!

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maggi said...

Have done better than you on my cards. For the first time I got them all made and mailed out on time. Not so up to date on the presents though. Why is it that when you think there is loads of time it just seems to disappear!


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