Monday, December 22


Well, This is how my car looks so you can see, I have pretty much been snowbound the past 5 days, HRH put chains on his car and was able to get around some and he went to work today, but I've stayed home. I finished my Christmas gifts, made Pour and bake Ginger cake for the neighbors, homemade sweet/hot mustard and decorated it for other people I wanted a small gift for. I've found that so many people give cookies, cakes and candy so.. I make mustard. It's a recipe I've had for years and everyone loves it. It's different and now people expect it. One year at work I didn't make it and everyone said "Hey, we want our Christmas Mustard" so a tradition was born.
I thought I would cut our a flannel quilt today, but the counter where I cut my fabric was messed up with wrapping and baking stuff so I took a nap instead. FELT MIGHTY GOOD TOO!

My Son called from South of us in Oregon to say he had no power and hasn't had for a while. He has a wood stove in the basement and his teenage daughter was making fudge. He had to go outside with a chainsaw and cut down a tree that was getting heavy with ice and in danger of falling on the house. So, the weather is causing all sorts of problems around here and chances are the kids will not be able to make it here for Christmas dinner and the opening of gifts. We may have to postpone that till the first weekend in January. I am supposed to work the day after Christmas and the weekend. We shall see how the roads are. You people in the Mid-West and East can have this stuff or send us your road crews. We don't have the knowhow or resources to deal with this. The news said that the last time we had this much snow was 1968 40 years ago.
Merry Christmas to you all!

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elsie123 said...

Hmmm, tell us about the mustard and leave out the recipe! Any chance of you passing it on???

I don't envy the snow, other than the time it gives you to stay in and finish projects...

Merry Christmas, and enjoy your family whenever they can make it.


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