Sunday, November 2

Soap Project

I have been making soap for the past few weeks off and on. I have a big order for a friend and had to get it cured and shipped by the first of Dec. I sure smells good around here, even if it looks a bit messy with the extra tables up and the soap lined up like dominoes with the fan on them. I made vanilla, tea tree, green tea, spicy plum (HRH's favorite), oatmeal spice (smells like my grandma's cookies), mint, sandalwood, pear berry, christmas spice and maybe a few more. This soap is so great for your skin. I started making it years ago when my son was allergic to every kind of soap there was. I tried to get HRH to use it for the longest while until he ran out of his zest or whatever he used and reached for mine. WOW, he says," this stuff is great, why didn't you tell me" I did, says I, hundreds of times. Well, needless to say, he's been my biggest fan ever since. MEN!

This is how the soap looks before it gets cut into bars.


Linda said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, hopefully I'll do another swap in the New Year. Couldn't reply to you directly as you have your email set at no reply.

Norma said...

Hmm, some of those "smells" make me hungry. Looks like lots of fun.

Men don't listen.......ya gotta show them! LOL

Micki said...

What an interesting project...making soap. I am sure that the smells from the soaps are wonderful! I enjoyed your posts. Thanks for stopping on my blog and posting.
In Ireland


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