Friday, November 14

Back to work!

Well, after being "retired" for two years, I went back to work. (HRH was laid off from Nike and his job sent to India 5 months ago)
I got a job a retirement/long term care community as their move-in coordinator (MIC) to work 3 days a week while the MICs in the 4 buildings have their days off. I have done nearly every job in this business except direct caregiving and housekeeping, including administrator, which I hated, by the way, so the type of work isn't new, only the place. This job will entail giving tours, making call backs and other marketing duties. Today the first building I will be training in had a community function, a Bazzar with 80 vendors, yes, it is a very large place. The place was quite busy as you can guess, tables everywhere and I greeted people at the door with shopping bags and hello's. It was really quite fun, but OH standing in one spot for nearly 4 hours almost killed me. My legs, feet, back...all hurting. I came home and announced to The King of the Castle that if we were eating dinner, he must be cooking. Well, true to form, he came through,
WITH PIZZA. I had a thin crust veggie with artichoke hearts, yummy! He had a double stuffed 4 meat something. It will be dinner tomorrow as well and maybe Sunday. I may recuperate by Monday!!! I feel ten or twenty years older than my age tonight and am off to bed. I have two wedding cakes to make next week plus working. Pray that I make it!


Christina said...

Is this the job we spoke of that you were hoping for?

Christina said...

In your last post I noticed you were greatful for work, would you like to rethink that?

Lady of the Cloth said...

I am grateful for the work, just real tired! Carline

sweetnstacked72 said...

Good to hear you got a job. you never know who you could meet. you will get used to it. Happy Stitching, Please share the pics of cakes you make, I used to make some for my family,but being in RV means smaller NON convection oven..Happy Stitching!, Amy


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