Sunday, November 30

Baby quilt Double Pinwheel

I finished this baby quilt BEFORE the baby is born! I can hardly believe it. I usually procrastinate and then have to stumble all over myself because the gift is late. I'm so proud of myself. This couple have 4 boys and have found out that the little one due in early January is going to have inside plumbing. That little girl will be so spoiled or else be the world's biggest tomboy. I had other ideas for this quilt when I was quilting but found out that the batik I used was in shorter supply in my stash than I had first thought. I like to make pieced bindings though so I worked out. Sometimes doing things out of necessity (bindings) is one of those things that work out so well that I use it all the time.


Norma said...

Lucky baby, the quilt is lovely!

Amy said...

very lovely quilt.

Christina said...

Very pretty, Sorry, but I'm tagging you, go here:


And they called it Puppy Love,