Tuesday, November 11

The politicians did it!

I just walked past a mirror on my way from the shower and was almost frightened to death. Not only is global warming becoming a major problem, but gravity is somehow causing problems it didn't used to! I noticed that my body parts aren't where they used to be. HORROR OF HORRORS. My body is falling. Some of the parts that used to be symmetrical and all in the correct places are now inches lower than before. I wonder if it has to do with this past election. You know how politicians are. They cause all kinds of havoc in this world. It was probably someone who didn't like Sara Palin and wanted to put a curse on all women, yes, I'll bet that is what it is. Now I need a suck and tuck, You know liposuction and tuck it all! I'd hate to see the scars of that one. I'd look like Frankenstein, with stitches EVERYWHERE!
I'm doing you all a favor and not sending pictures.


Christina said...

Wow! I'm noticing that too, should we write to someone? If so who?

Norma said...

The route to/from the shower in our house is lined with mirrored closet doors, across from a huge mirror over the double sinks. We thought it was so wonderful when we bought the house. All it took was one shower to convince us other wise! LOL Nothing like having six images of yourself in your fallen glory!

Hold on tight, it is happening to all of us! (some more than others but then I like to eat!!).

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Get rid of those mirrors! They are obviously faulty! Everything 'heads South' as you get older! :o)


And they called it Puppy Love,