Sunday, November 23

The hard part is over....I think.

Well, it was a busy weekend, a wedding, two wedding cakes, a giant salad, and lots of clean up.
I made the wedding cakes, (haven't got the camera emptied yet) and they turned out ok, I was real happy with the white one, but not so much with the colored wonky one. Just not my style for the most part. I also HATE working with rolled fondant. I may never do another one in fact. All in all, the day was great and the reception room beautiful. The bride and groom looked so happy. No problems except one and that wasn't a biggie.

I came home to a REALLY messy kitchen and I was too tired to do much cleaning so it waited until the next day. Then to make matters worse, I was cleaning cupboards out and spilled an entire bottle of cooking oil. Talk about the worse possible thing to spill. I could have cried. I cleaned that up and now I notice that it is tracked over more of the house. I don't like to work on Sundays and besides, it's my birthday so tomorrow I will tackle it.

Speaking of birthdays, this one has been hard. I didn't get a call from any of my kids. They aren't the gift giving doting kids anyway, but they usually call. Oh well, Sometimes my birthday falls on Thanksgiving and that's probably what they think this year too. It has made me a wee bit weepy today though. HRH never does make holidays a big deal so it was a pretty uneventful day.
See you all tomorrow, maybe with cake pictures.


elsie123 said...

Poor thing, noone should have to clean the kitchen on their birthday. And happy birthday!

Norma said...

And NO birthday cake for the baker, so sorry! My grand daughter's birthday was today too. She turned eight........the 23rd was on Thanksgiving in 2000. Her soon to be grandfather had to have a piece of pie before we could go to the hospital! LOL

Happy Birthday and if I were there, you would have had cake. Not a fancy decorated one, but there would have been cake.

Cooking oil........yuck!


And they called it Puppy Love,