Tuesday, November 18

What a week

And it's only Tuesday! I have worked two days this week and I just love the place I'm working. I worked in the Alzheimer's building today and what a beautiful place. The people are happy, the staff busy spending time with the residents, They families happy. I have worked in some form of long term care most of my working life (if I tell you how many years, You will never believe that I am only 29) Oh well, forget my 40 year old son! Anyway, if it wasn't for the 75 mile round trip drive, everything would be perfect. I love my job SO FAR anyway. I work one more day then get busy making 2 wedding cakes and attending a wedding! Then I will nap away the weekend probably. I'm not in shape yet.
this is just a peek at one of the cakes I did this past year. HRH, took a pic of it before I had turned it around, so you get a peek at the ribbon where it was joined. Didn't look that bad from the front!

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