Saturday, January 31

My baby is 39

Wow, I feel old today, my youngest child, Dan, turned 39 today. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday and it was his grandparents 23rd anniversary. I was also 23 years old. That tells a story, doesn't it. This son has given me a run for my money, I'll tell you. If there was trouble to find, he found it, from the time he was walking, no, before. He would be tooling around in the little walker and when I heard a screech, I had better run, because he was about to hit either his older brother or the dog. He always let out a warning sound, like some alarm system that was built in. His dad died when he was 10 and from then on, no warning sound, but plenty of trouble. He now has 3 sons and 4 step children and one of the sons is giving him the same treatment he gave me. I can only pray that perhaps the grandson can learn from some of his dad's experience, but something tells me, he will have to go through it himself. Life rolls on, doesn't it.  Happy Birthday Dan, Mom loves you.


Micki said...

That's a lovely tribute. How nice to have such wonderful memories.

Norma said...

We were at the same point of our lives 39 years ago. My second son, Andrew, was born on Jan 28th and just turned 39. Now I don't know about you but I am not old enough to have a kid that old....not to mention one that will soon be 41!

We managed to live through them, and have the gray hairs and wonderful memories to prove it!

Happy birthday to your son, and hats off to MOM!


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