Thursday, January 1

New Beginnings in 2009

I haven't had this much excitement on New Year's Day in years. Nope, this is it! I emptied the old box of 330 feet of cling film wrap from Costco. I put the date on it when I opened it and it was May 9, 2003. I thought that stuff would never end, I've had relationships that didn't last that long. The last month was dicey as the box was so light and anticipation so high that when I would grab that stuff, I'd just pull it right off the shelf. NO more, We have lift off folks and on Jan 1st no less. 8 and 1/2 years! I had to run out to HRH's shop to tell him. I can forgo the resolutions now, I've had my excitement and now I'm going to go rest. And the best part....drum roll please. I have another one in the garage storage. TA DA! Who said I have a dull life?


Norma said...

Years ago I had a huge box of foil like that. I have to admit I had mixed emotions when it was all gone. I was glad to see the big old box gone but sure did miss using all the foil I wanted! It hurt to go buy that first small box of foil.

As for an exciting life, take it where ever you can find it!!

Karen said...

Wow, yeah. I'd put that right up on the top 10 list of the most exciting things that have happened in your life!!

; - )

Happy New Year!


Katie said...

You are too funny! :-D

Amy said...

wow,, I am getting half way through coffee filters from Sams. sometimes buying in bulk really is the SHIZZZ....oops... pardon the slang.happy new year to ya.

sewkalico said...

Happy New year Carline! Hope it's going to be an excting one!

Cowguy said...

The last time I actually tried to use anything that resembled Saran wrap, I got all twisted up in it, the furnace kicked on further blowing it around me entangling me to the point of near suffocation. My wife came home to find me wrapped up like a plastified mummy on the kitchen floor with the remnants of a block of cheese still gripped tightly between the fingers of my one exposed hand.

I'm impressed that it took anyone more than 40 seconds to get to the end of a box of that stuff. let alone 8 1/2 years. You need a tiara.



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