Monday, January 26

Little cutie

This is my great niece and her quilt from "Auntie". I had forgotten to take a picture so my niece sent this yesterday. I told her that if I had sent a gunny sack it would have looked good with that little darling under it. Isn't she just the cutest thing? We sure think so and she has two older sisters who are just as cute. She lives too far away, (Montana) for us to see very often, that's the bad part of this equation. Carline


Amy said...

she is darling, and the quilt also.. thanks for sharing.

sewkalico said...

She is gorgeous!! But so is the quilt and she looks so pleased that that is HER quilt!! What a nice Auntie!

Christina said...

Do you do all of those blocks by hand. I think I'm going to set a rule that if my children have children they must live no farther than 50 miles away. Think they will go for it.

elsie123 said...

Beautiful, I just love redwork. And your niece just makes it perfect!


And they called it Puppy Love,