Saturday, January 24

TA DA! Finished top

I'm free at last, this quilt has kept me tied to the sewing machine (s) for 24 days. I've been a woman possessed! I just couldn't leave this quilt alone. I haven't done much else besides go to my job and church. My Bernina went bonkers during this quilt, started breaking needles and thread so she had to go to the shop. I got out my Pfaff and dusted it off and finished tonight. We didn't even have dinner because HRH had a late lunch and he knew there was cherry pie coming out of the oven. I am really happy with the end result of the top. I will get a back made this week and send it to a LA quilter.  I do have to say that I did walk the dog and do laundry, so I'm not a total slob but the rest of the world just kind of had to wait. I also got half the blocks made for a square in a block flannel quilt that I was doing as a leader/ender project. So hopefully, I won't neglect my blog as badly as I have been doing. Thanks Bonnie Hunter for the wonderful pattern. The picture isn't great and the quilt came together perfect as far as being square. Each side was equal to the 1/4th inch.  That doesn't always happen.


Norma said...

It is wonderful! Sounds like you had fun in the process too and that is a extra bonus!

Bet everything you didn't do is still just waiting for you so no problem at all.

KZK said...

Saw your comment over on Elaine Adair Pieces and thougtht I'd stop by to say "hi"! Your quilt came out beautifully! Congratulations!

Kristie said...

Ohhh! It looks beautiful! You did an amazing job on it!

sewkalico said...

Well done! It looks amazing. I wish I could get mine done!! I know it was hard work, but it's certainly worth it - I love this quilt!!!


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