Monday, January 19

Home stretch with help

Sunday evening I finished all the blocks and got time to lay my Double Delight out. Well, let me tell you, this wasn't the piece of cake I thought it would be, thanks to the quality control inspector. This cat has a mind of her own and it wasn't going to do any good to try to get her off that quilt. She gave her approval, big time! I like the way this turned out, I never would have put those colors together but it works. Thanks again to Bonnie Hunter for the pattern. How to quilt this one is another puzzle. There are so many pieces (I'll have to count them) that hand quilting is out for sure. I am making a flannel quilt for grandson #1 who graduates in May from high school in Montana. He loves all things having to do with hunting and nature so I'm using the group of flannels with deer, bear, fish, etc on them. I have the day off and just finished my Monday a.m. conference call so the day is mine.


maggi said...

The colours work really well together. Hope you manage to find a suitable way to quilt it.

Amy said...

gorgeous! looks like kitty likes the quilt also.. funny how animals are attracted to our projects. thanks for sharing.

Christina said...

very nice, like a stained glass window. I love the colors.

YankeeQuilter said...

Great job...I'm only halfway through making the blocks!

Micki said...

I love your quilt! it is gorgeous!
Wherever did you get the pattern?

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for your comment! Hope I am not now listed on some FBI list or ...? for being outspoken!

I clicked into your blog and thought I was looking at my own living room floor! OOpos, no, different colors. I'm still working away on MY DD, trying to make 2 blocks in the AM, 2 in the PM. Slow, Steady. How pretty -- yours is coming along. 8-)

Kathy Wagner said...

Looks great! I better get a move on to catch up to you!


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