Tuesday, January 6

Plaid cats

This is a quilt I made from plaid squares given to me by my friend Elizabeth for my 50th birthday, a few years back, well more than a few, but who's counting. She gave me a basket with 50 pieces of plaid fabric, each one different. What a great gift for a quilter, huh? I loved them. I made this quilt for HRH because at the time we had 2 "well behaved" cats who were not allowed on the furniture unless they were on a lap with a quilt on it. They actually minded too and only sat on our laps when we had a quilt on us. HRH (DH) always complained because he wanted a "cat" quilt. So this was my brainchild. The back is the "stealth" cats heads, so named because they kind of hide one in the other. I also added 3 mice. I'm not sure if they are blind or not. Anyway, those cats are no longer with us and now we have Heidi who is more like a grandchild than our child. She doesn't mind anyone, anyhow. She gets into everything. She doesn't have "bathroom" accidents in the house and asks to go out when she needs to. Doesn't get on the kitchen counter, but is into EVERYTHING else, especially my quilt stuff, She shuffles my cut quilt pieces all over the place when I turn my back on her, she jumps up and grabs the dogs tail when it is wagged then runs like crazy. I call these attacks, drive-bys. You know, like drive by shootings. No rhyme or reason. Gotta love those kitties though.


Amy said...

cats are so funny.. to watch mine are hysterical..love the cat quilt. thanks for sharing

Gina said...

of course Miss Heidi will have her ways. Your cat quilt is adorable. I like the particular details given to some cats facing each other, the 3 (lost) mice, and the backing of stealth cats heads. Perfection to a cat lover!!!

maggi said...

Lovely quilts - I made place mats with the 'stealth' cats heads some years ago.

Christina said...

What a great story, I love the analagy that it is more like a grandchild. I really like your quilt, I have that book and have thought about making that quilt several times. Thankyou.

Micki said...

I love the quilt, as I used to have cats. It is so lovely, and I must look up that pattern.


And they called it Puppy Love,