Sunday, January 11

Dresden Plate multi-generational quilt

This is a "multi-generational quilt. My great grandmother made the "plates" and they were "discovered" in a cedar chest when my grandmother passed away. My mother brought them home, put them on blocks, embroidered them with a feather stitch, put them together and hand quilted it in beautiful tiny stitches. She, unfortunately used what I think was too bright colors, pinks and turquoise, not typical for the time the blocks were made. It was probably something she had on hand as she was very frugal out of need not social conscience. I came along and found the quilt unbound so I put the binding on it and am enjoying it in my collection. The back is white, as I loved to see the stitches and encouraged mom to use that on any quilt where she asked my input. I think I love this quilt so much because of the fact that it brings together family that really were not together when they were taking on the project. It is too bad my great grandmother never saw the finished product, but I like to think she is in heaven discussing it with Mom and knowing how much it is loved. I had one left over block and I had it matted and framed. If any of you have orphan blocks, this is a great way to showcase them.


Karen said...

What a precious family heirloom! Maybe the pink and turquoise aren't from the same era, but I think they make the whole quilt pop!


Christina said...

I love everything about this, even the sashing. Did your mom do the feather stitching by hand? I see the quilting is and it is great. I really want to make one just like it, really I love it.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I absolutely love dresden plate quilts. Yours is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

very lovely quilt. even with the next of generation fabric of pink and turquoise sashing, that makes it truly multi-generational. The orphan block framed give me an idea for the sack of blocks of my grandmothers that my sister is keeping and wondering how to share it with all the cousins.

Thanks for sharing...this is one of the reasons I love blogging so much.

Lovie said...

Write up the story of the quilt and the framed block, attach to the back of the frame. Future generations will thank you. I also have a multi-generation quilt, it is one of my most prized quilts. It a GMFG with flower rounds made by grandmother and greatgrandmother and myself, was given to my mother, so its is 4 generations. I am trying to get my niece to make one flower round that I want to applique on the back above the label making this one 5 generations. So far no luck, she would rather "eat worms" her words. . . LOL . . treasure your quilt and share the story with your children and later the grandchildren.


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