Monday, January 19

I forgot to do this last week because, well, last week was the week from you know where. but I was tagged by Amy of Not always with thread and I'm supposed to pick a picture from the fourth folder and choose the fourth picture, then explain the picture and tag 4 more blogs. I pick Calamity jane'  , and 
This picture is a picture of (believe it or not) Maggie's 1st birthday  party with some friends who also had a standard poodle pup. We had hats, SEE MAGGIE , treats and a birthday cake made out of, you got it. Alpo! I really hate to admit that at my age ( a tender 39) I do things this silly, but now you know! Maggie's birthday is Dec 6 if anyone wants to put it on their calendar for next year. It is the social occaision of the year! She'll be 3 then.


Micki said...

Love your pics! I have given you an award on my blog.
All the best,

Amy said...

I love the birthday pics, dogs are people TOO!! thanks for playing along.


And they called it Puppy Love,