Sunday, October 19

Sick Hubby Saga, volume 2

He's still on the couch, still sick. I really do feel sorry for him, but there is a limit to how long my sympathy can go. The latest: he came out of the bathroom and after weighing, tells me he's lost 30 lbs in the last 6 days. 30 POUNDS. I couldn't lose that much if I was in a concentration camp and working on a rock pile all day. REALLY! It just isn't fair. Now I ask him, how he las lost all that weight, has he been doing the green apple 2-step? NO, has he been throwing up? NO. You can not sit on the couch for 6 days and lose 30 pounds, if it was possible, I would have lost twice that by now, while sitting and quilting. If he really has lost 30 pounds, I will have to kill him, that's all. I made him re-weigh. "Oh, I must have looked at it wrong, it's only 5 pounds." OK, you can live! But no more of that stuff. I have been trying to lose 5 pounds for about 3 years! Whew, I almost had a heart attack. 

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Christina said...

I've never met a sick man that wasn't a baby, as a mother I blame it on loving our boys way to much. But here is some good news, you won the fabric on my blog -


And they called it Puppy Love,