Saturday, October 18

Puppy Love

Remember that song from the 60's, oh dear, now I'm dating myself! Oh well, I think Paul Anka sang it and it's been running through my head all day. Our dear standard poodle, Maggie is such a love. She minds well, gives lots of lovin' to us, and the cat and is my constant shadow. When we give milk to the cat, Maggie lays down with her nose almost on the bowl and waits till "Heidi" finishes, then she attacks that bowl with wild abandon, but such restraint she has while letting Heidi eat, well twice today, I had snacks and let the cat have a bit, pudding and meat from my soup that had fat on it. Wouldn't you know it, the cat ate it all and Maggie just looked at me with those big brown eyes and whined. So sad. She had treats off and on all day though, since I baked a double batch of dog treats. DH and I are on diets, well, I am so he's there by default since he doesn't cook. I wanted to bake something and that was the only thing I knew I wouldn't eat. BUT, you know something, they sure looked good!

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And they called it Puppy Love,