Friday, October 17


For some reason, DH thinks that when it comes to cologne, that more is better!!! I think he marinades in the stuff! For Pete's sake you can't breathe within 1/2 mile of him. I can't seem to convince him that he uses too much and I can't discontinue breathing in his presence. Sometimes if he puts it on in the morning, I can actually stand it by evening. The kind of cologne is another thing. The one I was complaining about has to be 15 years old and would make a skunk gag. Twice, I have put it in the garbage and twice he has retrieved it. Today, I poured it down the drain like some recovering drunk would pour booze. (I'm just guessing here, I have never been a drinker, recovering or not). He didn't say a thing, just went to the store and got some decent cologne. YEY! Now to put a limit on HOW MUCH is TOO MUCH! Maybe a warning label on the side of the bottle would think??

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