Thursday, July 1

Well, another week rolls by uneventfully. I had an easy week at work since the bosses are gone. I just went in for 3 hours to check for messages, etc. I could get used to this real easy.

Kim mentioned her cat's hunting prowess in catching moths and bringing in mice, well My naughty girl brings in everything! Mice, snakes, voles, moles, birds and rabbits and they seem to all be alive. The biggest problem is that we have a dog door for Maggie and it has to be big for a standard poodle with such long legs and that makes it real handy for the cat and her prey. I came home from work yesterday and smelled something foul, Yup, a dead "something" and we can't find it. That cat and me are going to part ways one of these days. We have a very large entertainment center and it is so heavy it takes 4 men to move it when empty, so no way to look under that. How long before decomposition turns into mummification? YUK! That's one reason I like winter, I don't have to worry about her bringing in "stuff".

I had one of my twice weekly massage and chiropractic appointments yesterday, and today, I'm so sore I had trouble getting out of bed. I hope I survive these treatments. One of these days I sure hope I start feeling better instead of worse! The doctor says this is normal because I have so much scar tissue at the injury site and as long as I'm getting more movement, which I am, that things are on track. I sure wish I would have taken better care of myself when I was younger! Ahh, hindsight, aint it wonderful.
By for now, Carline

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Micki said...

My husband once went through the same experience. It sounds like you are going through quite an ordeal.


And they called it Puppy Love,