Wednesday, July 14

Block of Month

Is anyone out there doing the Thimbleberries block of the Month this year. I signed up and although I am making the blocks, they aren't too exciting. I like a little more challenge than this one is giving me. It will make a nice quilt when it is all said and done, but not what I expected. I will look a little closer next time.

I am also doing a $5.00 quilt with one of the shops in Oregon. Just a little drive once a month. I signed up with a friend but her husband got seriously ill and she dropped out. It sure isn't the same going alone. There are lots of people attending, but it seems they come in little groups and so far, no new friends. I keep introducing myself and trying to take part, to no avail. I even take a shower before I go. Nope, not that! Oh well, the quilt is fun and very challenging, which I like. I'll show pics later.


Micki said...

I did the Thimbleberries quilt last year, and I didn't find it that challenging either, so this year, I didn't do it. I am sure that yours will turn out beautifully!

joven said...

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Wendy B said...

Does look lovely however, I think youre right, it doesn't look too challenging. Im sure it will still look beautiful when it's finished though...sometimes the simple ones look the best!
Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.
sugary hugs Wendy :O)


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