Sunday, August 1

General maintenance

You know how you need to do general maintenance on the furnace, car and the roof of the house?
Well, we need to do the same with our bodies, especially when we reach that menopause (little feet, paws, as my grown son calls it). Well this past week I visited the electrologist to get that ever appearing stuff on my chin removed. Even though it is blonde, or white. I can't tell the difference, I still didn't want it there. I get it done every 5 years or so and I remember the pain, although minimally, even after that long. Boy, howdy, how it hurts, but really no more than waxing and it's permanent! Have any of you had this done?

As a teenager, I had dark hair over my lip and was teased to no end about it. It hurt so bad I still remember it. When I married and had the money to have it permanently removed, I felt like a new person. I only wished I had known about it sooner. I would have babysat, done yard work or whatever to earn the money to do that.

The second thing I did was get a body perm. I have very heavy hair and a lot of it and wear my hair in a modified wedge cut. It seems that by the end of the day it is flat. I hate the first few weeks as I'm not supposed to blow dry it straight to preserve the curl. So curly I am and curly I'll be for a while.

Thirdly, The perm takes the color right out so I have to get it colored, or do it myself. I also have to wait to put permanent color on for a couple of weeks. THEN, I'll be like a new person, almost.

Next in my dreams, a personal trainer and a tuck and suck (tummy tuck and liposuction).
I can't quite work that one into my budget, but a girl can dream. I think that would be a lot easier than just dieting, don't you?

Until next time, take care and make it a great day, week or month.

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Micki said...

Lyposuction...I would be a chicken to do that. I am almost done my diet. I have been walking with my Nordic poles, and that is great.
Hope all your wishes come true!


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