Wednesday, July 7

SUN, finally!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have had an unusually rainy spring and early summer. We broke a record from 1866 or somewhere near that, back when they first started keeping records.
You know what rain brings out??? Mosquitoes! We can hardly go outdoors without getting bombarded. They love me and seek me out of a crowd to nibble on my sweet skin.

I had to get up at 5:30 yesterday to get through Portland to go to Salem, Or before traffic and I was so tired last night that I started another journal project and left it and the dishes all over the place (well, the counter in the kitchen) so that is my goal for today. I planned to sleep until 8:00, get ready for my massage with Helga and then chiropractor and home to finish yesterday's jobs.
Great plans seldom happen around here and today was no exception. The little Yippy dog we are sitting for co-workers, started barking at 6:00, so I got up and watered the plants before the predicted 90 degree day. I even pulled a bucket or so of weeds! (I hate gardening with a passion except for trimming, harvesting flowers and vegetables and fruit). I feel like I need a crown today for being so good, so early.

Have any of you out there in blog land heard of a spaghetti salad? It has thin spaghetti noodles and eagle brand milk in it. It is so good, but I lost the recipe and can't remember what else it has in it. Everyone I have served that to just loves it. It is a bit unusual, but a big hit. I've torn my recipe box and notebook apart looking for this. If you do could you please share it with me. Thanks in advance.

Make it a good day! Carline

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